Success Stories

Project Drop Ship


A Major wholesale customer had to cancel a lot of Orders because of COVID Pandemic related issues. Client always Drop Ships the product to Customer’s Distribution Center. Standard SAP Drop Ship process is very stringent and doesn’t allow for Product to be Re-routed, especially if it’s already been shipped from the Vendor. In this scenario shipments were in all stages of Supply Chain; some being held at Vendor location, some on water and others sitting at US Port.


  • GAC was tasked to come up with a Solution which would address:
  • Re-route product to Client’s Warehouse
  • Ensure all Account Postings are made whole, especially COGS
  • Re-apply and reconcile non merchandise invoices for Freight & Duty
  • Provide a Governance and Monitoring cockpit to Monitor the problem Shipments


GAC developed and successfully deployed a tool which would :

  • Continuously monitor and identify Problem orders.
  • Dashboard to track the progress
  • Reverse all documents related to Drop Ship order (regardless of where the product was) create a Stock Transport Order to re-route Product (client warehouse or a different Customer)