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Solution Board

Fashion Industry Know How

Architectural Conformance

Quality Assurance

S/4 Fashion Experts

Solution Board is responsible for overall quality of S/4 Fashion implementation. A group of 8 SAP Fashion Experts from GAC are engaged by client Solution Board who oversee all Design and Build Activities on the Transformation Project.

Design – GAC Consultants get involved in the early stages of design, to ensure that Object is built right the first time

Architectural Conformance – Client has 200 odd applications in their eco system it becomes critical that all systems talk to each other in a standardized way. GAC Consultants are part of client’s Architecture group, which is tasked with following these principles.

Build Quality – GAC consultants certify and approve the quality of Solution before it’s deployed to Production. GAC / Solution Board sign off is mandatory in each stage of Product life Cycle (Design, Build and Test)

Fashion Industry Expertise – All GAC Consultants have cut their teeth in Fashion Industry, averaging over 15 years of experience. They play a key advisory role to SI on nuances specific to Fashion, like Seasonality, Long lead times, Grids, Fabric Management, Customs Compliance and HTS codes etc.