Solution Board​​

Solution Board is responsible for overall quality of S/4 Fashion implementation. A group of 8 SAP Fashion Experts from GAC were engaged by client Solution Board to oversee all Design and Build Activities on the Transformation Project.

Business Needs

Fashion Industry Know How
Architectural Conformance
Quality Assurance
S/4 Fashion Experts

Solution Delivered

Design – GAC Consultants get involved in the early stages of design, to ensure that Object is built right the first go.

Architectural Conformance – The client has 200 odd applications in their eco system, it becomes critical that all systems talk to each other in a standardized way. GAC Consultants are part of client’s Architecture group, which is tasked with following these principles.

Build Quality – GAC consultants certify and approve the quality of Solution before it’s deployed to Production. GAC / Solution Board sign off is mandatory in each stage of Product life Cycle (Design, Build and Test)

Fashion Industry Expertise – All GAC Consultants have cut their teeth in Fashion Industry, averaging over 15 years of experience. They play a key advisory role to SI on nuances specific to Fashion, like Seasonality, Long lead times, Grids, Fabric Management, Customs Compliance and HTS codes etc.