Explore the Opportunities in Cost Centre Accounting with SAP Business One

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Many business owners are always striving to do more with less and that’s absolutely not always straightforward and easy as it looks. You need to find ways to grow your revenue no matter how much excess your expenditures and finances are. However, not all costs are created alike. For an example, you paying your employees […]

Structure a Development Plan in the Digital Market

The challenges faced by the retail industry are Slow-moving store business, extreme contest from online retailers, dynamic valuing approach and changing consumer expenditure designs are the headwinds hounding the retail division. But some brands are continuing to take the leap by capitalizing in their development plans despite all these challenges. To understand the basic consumer […]

Reasons for System decommissioning and moving legacy data to a data lake

Before we jump into the core aspects of legacy systems and moving data from on-prem systems to cloud. Let us briefly touch on the concept of data migration. While its self-explanatory, let us put some perspective behind why companies embark on the data migration journey. So, data migration is the process of moving data from […]

Move to SAP S/4HANA with Selective Data Transition

The new business suite is transforming to SAP S/4HANA with Selective Data Transition, which is an agitation for the companies worldwide. The systems and data can be moved efficiently and securely into the new digital world, as the existing SAP ERP system will be replaced by the end of 2025 to SAP S/4HANA on-premises or […]

Key Trends for 2020: AR/VR, Blockchain and S/4HANA

Enterprises are embracing technology change at a relentless pace. Augmenting disruptive accelerators and edge solutions has become more critical than ever. The pandemic will only accelerate these trends, as organizations look to leverage technology to manage through the crisis and better position themselves for medium to long-term neat future. At the core of these developments […]

Digitizing the apparel supply chain

Summary We are evolving towards the complete digital ecosystem and the pandemic has fast forwarded the transformation for good. This ecosystem will indulge on multiple digital technologies – which includes predictive analytics, AI, robots, smart logistics, manufacturing and warehousing platforms. Before we jump into the crux of digital supply chain. I would briefly like to […]