Sourcing and Managed Services

GAC offers clients staffing, managed and shared services. With its sourcing services offering, GAC can provide staffing options of contractor, contract-to-hire and permanent hire. GAC qualifies and places individuals and teams on projects for clients in the U.S. and abroad in the domain areas of:

  • Web and Cloud Application Development
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Business Intelligence and Data
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Infrastructure, Networking and Security

GAC also provides a suite of managed and shared services offerings. Clients that want to improve operational efficiencies and reduce administration costs have partnered with GAC to provide managed services in the areas of:

  • Application Services
  • Contingent Workforce Management
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Engineering Services

GAC partners with clients to develop the managed services strategy, SLAs, key performance metrics and implementation plan. Together with the client, GAC develops a governance program for report out, monitoring and assessment and escalation. Once in place, the managed service is continually monitored and assessed against KPIs.

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Application Management Services

GAC offers a broad array of shared and managed application services for its clients.

Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing

  • Experts in the areas of data modeling, governance, data aggregation, ETL, reporting and analytics and performance management

Application Management

  • Focused specialty in packaged solution management for Oracle and SAP
  • Cloud application management (variety)
  • Management through KPI driven SLAs, performance and availability targets

Application Modernization

  • Transformation of legacy applications (platform, technology stack, extensibility, security and data)


  • Centers of excellence which can embed standardization, traceability and quality throughout the lifecycle of product development

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Contingent Workforce Management Services

Companies face ebbs and flows of sourcing demands driven by corporate strategic goals, keep-the-lights-on necessities and competitive influences. GAC can help companies mitigate the risk of utilizing contingent labor to address these fluctuations through a managed services model.

For small to medium-sized clients, GAC can serve as a broker and administrator of finding the skilled resources to address short term peaks of demand or niche skill need and on-boarding them into the client’s organization. Larger clients may opt to have their contingent workforce management fully outsourced with GAC providing the process and infrastructure to support a full lifecycle of contingent workforce management including vendor management, compliance, on-boarding/off-boarding, sourcing qualification and verification. GAC works closely with its clients to align the service with internal policies and procedures and to provide a seamless extension of the client to prospective candidates and vendors.

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Infrastructure Management Services

Today I.T. plays more than just a background supportive role for a business. It is a core area of a company to manage investment, enable growth and realize business value. Rapid scalability and support of a company’s strategic business objectives and future growth trends are essential. Standardization and automation of key functions which administer and monitor a client’s infrastructure and network will elevate internal resources’ ability to meet real-time business demands. Optimization, reliability and responsiveness are key areas that GAC has helped its clients achieve through its Infrastructure Management Services.

GAC has collaborated with clients to provide an array of infrastructure management and consultative services that include:

  • Network and Security Management
  • Incident and Change Management
  • Storage Management
  • Remote Infrastructure Management
  • Application and Database Management
  • Server and Equipment Management

All services that are managed by GAC have a backbone of KPIs and dashboards to support service levels, trends and analytics which provide transparency across application and system portfolio for stakeholders. The result is an unmatched ability to deliver improved, sustained performance; faster, more adaptable solutions; with dramatically reduced costs.

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Executive Search

Recruiting Pioneers, Celebrating over 20+ Years of Success. As global experts and leaders in the search and recruitment industry, GAC conducts searches in several industry at the executive, managerial and professional level.  We have a keen awareness of the professional job market, as well as the factors and trends that affect it. Our success is driven by a partnership model that includes 100% collaboration with our clients in order to achieve accelerated results.


We Identify and Attract Talented Professionals Who Drive Financial Results.

The right candidate will possess the ideal mix of hard skills (technical) and soft skills (cultural). As one of the top retained executive search firms in major U.S. markets, GAC has the experience and the proven method to assess both, and find your perfect fit.

Our vetting process is geared toward isolating proven performers with impeccable track records. We don’t focus on expectations; we look for accomplishments. Our investigation will uncover the hard numbers that communicate candidate’s achievements, and their impact on the bottom line. And we’ll assess how these historical “wins” correlate with the demands of the seat you’re attempting to fill.

Culturally, we look at how our clients motivates and incentivizes to its people and compare that to what type of motivation the candidate responds to. We look at the type of environments in which the candidate has thrived, so we can assure a solid match between the two. 


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