GAC History

GAC began in early 2012 as an idea over dinner by three entrepreneurial women to start a business. With 40+ years supporting the delivery of IT programs in various industry domains, the GAC founders have helped companies solve complex business issues through critical analysis and collaboration with stakeholders to match the right solution to the problem. GAC applies this same process to help companies appropriately source their unique staffing needs or knowledge gaps to enable their business objectives.

GAC is a minority-owned and women-owned business. Leveraging a shared services and operational structured company, GAC can offer competitive pricing and resource recruitment and management models to meet the needs of its clients.

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GAC Philosophy

The GAC team believes that we build success through a transparent and collaborative relationship with our clients. Our team members are passionate about their role in finding the best solution for our clients. We are dedicated in our pursuit of meeting and exceeding our target deliverables. Our resources and services are an extension of our clients so we value integrity and professionalism in how we support our client’s goals and culture.

Our team works as one because it is our belief that it is everyone’s job to complete a client’s request. We view every touch point with our clients as an opportunity to build credibility and foster a long term relationship.

We recognize that learning happens every day and continue to evolve to what is new and trending but remain grounded in what core competencies companies need today. We are flexible in how we approach each new opportunity with a client and how we can tailor our services to meet their unique needs.

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